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for the u.s. war effort. >>> back on the trail. president obama tries to help fellow democrats slumping in the polls. could tuesday's results be a referendum on the president? >>> hold that pose. an ancient technique is now being used in new cutting-edge ways. how yoga is helping patients battle everything from attention deficit disorders to cancer. ♪ you ain't knock but a hound dog ♪ >>> and bad dog. bad. they bite. they chew. they bark, but can your out-of-control pooch be turned into a loyal lapdog. one fearless animal lover says yes, and he will show us how. >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is sunday, november 1st. and if you're here, weope you remembered to set your clock back last night. an extra hour of sleep. >> that's right. oh, so delicious for those of us on dawn patrol. i hope you had a happy, safe, candy abundant halloween out there. you know what house has the good stuff, that 1600 pennsylvania avenue although the first lady might try to slip you some veggies from her garden. we'll tell you how that went. >> she was dressed as cat woman apparently. we'll
obama. on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, what do you rate barack obama? >> walters, palin. stay ned. >>> mammogram mayhem. the new guidelines on breast cancer screening have thrown women into a muddle. we ask leang doctors to clear up the confusion about what you should do for health and life. >>> and janet jackson breaks her silence. what she thinks about the doctor at the center of the michael jackson investigation, as she copes with her brother's death. it's a "gma" exclusive. >>> and good morning to all of you. diane sawyer with robin roberts. happy to be here this morning, when barbara walters is going to ask new questions of sarah palin. >>> and we have a brand-new, hot-off-the-presses abc news/"washington post" poll. >> let's show that poll. despite health care reform, people are evenly split on health care. 48% in favor of the plan. 49% opposed. and when it comes to the economy, the public trusts president obama over republicans in congress to handle it, 52% to 37%. >> of course, when it comes to republicans, the undisputed center of the sage this week is sarah pal
and other republicans claim a comeback begins today? it's one year since the obama election. former vice president al gore joins us. >>> runaway cars. toyota blamed floor mats for accelerating accidents. abc news has investigated with stunning results. >>> and the time of her life. patrick swayze's wife, lisa niemi on the love story and lessons about grief as she joins us ahead. and it's so good to have you with us. good morning, america. diane sawyer with robin roberts on this tuesday, november 3rd, 2009. another election day. >> not exactly super tuesday but a few tight races across the country closely being watched for what could be an indication of the country's political mood and the obama administration. >> new jersey and virginia and a special congressional election has vice president biden in a public sparring match with sarah palin. for more to john berman. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, diane. from watertown, new york, where the polls are now open. this is ground zero for one of the most contentious races in the country. it's also the site of the latest debate b
. is it all a referendum on president obama? >>> massive meat recall. more than 500,000 pounds of beef pulled from store shelves after one dies and more fall ill. what you need to look out for. >>> deadly stunt. a jury awards this woman's family over $16 million after she dies in a radio contest for a video game. her husband joins us live in a "gma" exclusive. >>> and how do they walk away from this. another unbelievable crash. but technology once again saves the day and the driver. good morning, everyone. hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. i'm robin roberts with chris cuomo. diane is on assignment on this monday, november 2nd. believe it or not we are less than 24 hours away from another election day and there are a few big races we're keeping an eye on. >> no question. halloween may have been saturday but the democrats are worried about the fright that may come tomorrow. repuicans are hoping this could be a referendum on the president. the democrats are hoping that the enusiasm from that campaign a year ago carries over. >> saw president obama in new jersey over the weekend. >> the late
. president obama is set to announce his war plan in a primetime speech this week. we'll take you to afghanistan for a look on how more troops will be used. >>> armed and dangerous. the search for a man suspected of killing four relatives at a thanksgiving dinner. authorities say he's dangerous. and they'll give us the latest on a possible motive. >>> tiger's troubles. police try to interview tiger woods and his wife for the second time about that late-night car crash that sent him to a hospital. but they're sent away once again. leaving even more unanswered questions. ♪ you're a mean one, mr. grinch ♪ >>> and a grinch of a recession. as cities and towns slash their budgets, they're cutting back on holiday cheer. fewer decorations, smaller trees. we need some determined residents for spirit. >>> good morni >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is sunday, november 29th, and the story that everybody's talking about this morning is what happened in that late inform night car accident that put tiger woods in the hospital. details are so scarce, it's forcing people to spec
. in a summit with asian leaders this morning, president barack obama caed upon is the prime minister of myanmar to release aung san suu kyi. it's been a busy day for the president who also sat down for the most important meeting of his trip. yunji de nies is traveling with the president and joins us this morning. >> reporter: good morning, kate. the president's comments about aung san suu kyi certainly had made headlines. but as you know, his most crucial meeting happened behind closed doors with a key u.s. rival. president obama spent morehan an hour speaking behind closed doors speaking with russian president medvedev. the two leaders discussed afghanistan and nuclear agreements. and keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of north korea and iran. >> we believe that the united states and russia will continue to urge iran to take the path that leads them to meeting its international obligations. >> if iran doesn't cooperate, the two leaders agree that other options like further sanctions aron the table. the president says iran needs to act quickly. >> we are now running out of time. >> reporter:
obama's first official state dinner was under way. the honored guest, india's prime minister. earlier in the day, the president reaffirmed his commitment to the situation in pakistan and afghanistan. >> it is my intention to finish the job. and i feel very confident that when the american people hear a clear rationale for what we're doing there and how we intend to achieve our goals, that they will be supportive. >> reporter: but it was the evening gala that was the hot ticket in town and most anticipated event. singh and his wife were greeted by the president and mrs. obama. who, with a nod to the honored guest, wore a champagne-colored gown, made by an indian-born designer and bangles. 340 guests from political power houses like nancy pelosi, and colin powell, to hollywood directors, like m. knight shyamalan and steven spielberg. and even yours truly. were escorted to the south lawn of the white house, where a white tent with a glass ceiling and eight chandeliers was erected for the evening's festivities. guests dined on china from the white house's historic collection. and had indi
lose big in governors' races in new jersey and virginia. what does this mean for president obama? we're live with the bottom line. >>> tragic end. the search for three missing college students. how did the softball players end up at the bottom of a pond? >>> hollywood custody fight. why is sandra bullock locked in a bitter battle of custody of a 5-year-old girl? who is fit to raise this child? >>> and an allergic reaction to your husband? we'll meet a woman who discovered on her wedding night that her husband makes her physically ill. it's a medical mystery and we take you there. and good morning to all of you. diane sawyer with robin roberts on this wednesday, november 4th, 2009. >> of course, we now have the results interest those three big races last night. good night for republicans. in new jersey a state president obama carried by 15 percentage points a year ago jon corzine loses to chris christie. the first republican governor there in more than a decade. >> in virginia a state obama also won republican bob mcdonnell easily defeated creigh deeds. what about the congressional ra
at the end of the broadcast. >>> we have breaking news to begin with this morning. >> we do. president obama's advisers say a decision is coming on whether to send more troops to afghanistan. his meeting with his war council last night lasted about two hours. and he is expected to address the nation next tuesday with his answer. >> so, let's get to our team coverage this morning, beginning with abc senior white house correspondent, jake tapper, standing by in washington. jake, go first. >> reporter: president obama held his ninth and final war council meeting last night. after the meeting, he said, we have a pretty good idea of where he wants to go. aides do not know his final decision. a couple key points. one, aides say this will not be a nation-building strategy. two, president obama a few weeks ago, pushed pentagon planners for off-ramps, the ways the administration could assess how the war was going with the strategy and could withdrawal u.s. troops if it was not going to right way. and we're told that last night, president obama heard the right answers when it came to the off ramps. pr
, to the political revolt under way, over treasury secretary time geithner, the man hand-picked by president obama. congressional colleagues are calling for his resignation. and bianna golodryga has more on that. >> reporter: it was anything but your typical capitol hill hearing. the secretary spent the day defending. he could not hide his frustrations at ak vagss that became rather personal. and that's when things got heated. >> i don't think you should be fired. i thought you never should have been hired. >> for the sake of our jobs, will you step down from your post? >> reporter: the treasury secretary took issue with the notion that the obama administration is to blame for the economic crisis. >> you gave this president an economy falling off the cliff. values of american savings, cut almost in half. i can't take responsibility is, is for the legacy of crisis you -- >> this is your budget. this is your bailout. this is your stimulus. this is your act. >> i take full responsibility for those, with gave -- >> my constituents, they're not just anxious. they are mad. they are fighting mad about wh
. on this wednesday, november 18th, the end of war? president obama says he wants the war in afghanistan over by the time he leaves the white house. >>> and touring asia. he reunites with a brother who then talks to us. >>> and the morning after the uproar about new mammogram guidelines. our doctors tell you exactly what they think you should do. >>> red-handed. the woman caught on tape. police say she was frying to kill her husband not once but three separate times. >>> and speaking of tape. that college soccer player finally talks about this moment. >>> and janet jackson, for the first time on learning her brother had died. >> what do you miss most about him? >> a "gma" exclusive. >>> and welcome, everyone. good morning to you. diane sawyer with robin roberts. and we'll show you the site of air force one leaving beijing, china, the end of the president's trip in china. while you were sleeping, we hope. heading to south korea due back home tomorrow afternoon, of course, to bring everyone the long awaited decision on afghanistan. >> he says he will have that when he returns. he told reporters
. >> reporter: president obama says he and top military leaders are being constantly briefed about what happened. and the much tougher question, of why. >> we don't know all the answers yes. and i would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts. >> reporter: and the white house says that the president will be here at ft. hood for a memorial service for those victims. that's planned at some point, we're told, early next week. kate? >> thanks. >>> and keara bono is one of those treated. she joins us with her family. her mom, peggy and dad, steven bono. and grandma is there. that's barbara beard. keara, how are you? are you okay? >> i'm good. feeling a lot better. >> well, describe what happened in that room. we're only getting pieces. can you tell us exactly what went down? >> i was sitting there, reading my book. and he -- a man stood up and started screaming, a version of allah. we were down on the ground. they grabbed my head. looked at it. there was blood on my hand. i still thought it was training. so, then, i looked to my left and right. and i saw people that were bl
? how did they get through layers of secret service, to crash the first state dinner of the obama administration? coming up, we look at the incident that's raising so many questions about white house security. and the audacity of reality show wannabies. >> and talk to a couple of their friends about whether this is typical behavior for them. >>> good morning, america. i'm bill weir, here with kate snow. diane, robin, chris, sam, joying this post-thanksgiving day off. >>> not just any christmas tree can make it to the white house. one family with green thumbs have grown four trees that have been frozen for that honor. how do they do that? what's their secret? >>> and today is the day for shoppers. black friday. retailers trying to lure you in with holiday deals. we'll tell you where to find the best bets, coming up. >>> we're learning more this morning about that couple that crashed the state dinner at the whithouse this week. we have an exclusive interview coming up in moments with two of their friend, including the man who introduced them. first, we turn for the latest to abc's y
with the party crashers at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. at the first obama state dinner, two nights ago, a couple sneaked past security, camera crews and the secret service. it's a security breach that is no laughing matter for the secret service. abc's yunji de nies is at the white house this morning. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, kate. the couple was apparently able to walk these grounds with no trouble. and they may have gone undetected, had they not bragged about their white house adventure online. it was the hottest ticket in town. the president toasting the indian prime minister. >> let ur two great nations realize all the triumphs and achievements that await us. >> reporter: as the white house rolled out the red carpet for washington's political elite, and hollywood's who's who. you think this kind of crowd would mean maximum security. but apparently not for these two. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> reporter: michaele and tareq salahi weren't on the guest list. but the washington socialites looked like the pa. they slipped by the secret service. then, later boasted on their f
back to you a little later. >>> now, to our exclusive interview with president obama. the president is set to leave tomorrow for an 11-day trip to asia. before he goes, he has a last-minute meeting afghanistan, whether to send more troops overseas. jake tapper has those details and a chance to go one-on-one with the president. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that's right. as the president goes to asia, he will be weighing this momentum decision on how to go forward in afghanistan and pakistan. you're about to make a final decision about the new strategy in afghanistan and pakistan. what variables play into your decisionmaking that would cause you to not just take general mcchrystal's recommendation and implement it? >> keep in mind, that i've been asking, not only general mcchrystal, but all of our commanders, who are familiar with the situation. as well as our civilian folks on the ground. a lot of questions that, until they're answered, may create a situation in which we resource something based on faulty premises. and i want to make sure that we have tested
and hillary clinton is in the obama administration, but they could share some true stories about the sexism during the last campaign aimed at both of them. >> i want to ask you about something going back to this "newsweek" cover that kate showed in her piece because the cover picture was a picture that governor palin did for "runners' world." a lot of the guys have done running shorts pictures for running magazines. was it fair of "newsweek" to put that on their cover? >> we haven't seen those guys in shorts on "newsweek's" cover, have we? look, she posed for that picture. so it's fair game, but it is a way of saying, don't take this person seriously. she's just a chick in shorts. >> all right. well, thanks to you, cokie. checking back in with you later and a reminder to everyone, see barbara walters' exclusive interview with sarah palin this week on abc. and, of course, you know, she's also appearing other places this week and beginning tomorrow on "gma," be sure to tune in to see barbara's interview and, of course, on friday night on "20/20." >> we are learning new details about the alleg
for some time. the american people, president obama have asked us for health insurance reform. >> rorter: the democratic bill would cost $849 billion over 10 years paid for with new taxes on the wealthy and insurance companies including a 5% tax on elective cosmetic surgery which some are calling the botax and with cuts to medicare spending. the bill would extend coverage to 312 million uninsured americans and it would require almost all americans to have health insurance or pay a fine. and it would create a new government-run insurance company to compete with private insurers. this is a massive bill, 2,074 pages, one of the biggest and most expensive byes ever to come before the cgress. getting it passed will be a tough and heated battle. republican orrin hatch said the bill would cause a holy war in congress. democrats projected optimism. >> it's a very simple sign. you've all seen it before. it's like this. it's victory, and that's what we're going to have with health care. >> reporter: the first big test could come as soon as this weekend. it's a key procedural vote that requires 60
you and send you to jail. >> reporter: pulling out all of the stops. president obama went to capitol hill yesterday to make a last personal push for the bill and repeated his message later in the rose garden. >> this is our moment to live up to the trust that the american people have placed in us. this is our moment to deliver. >> reporter: but what helped deliver the votes in the end was amendment passed by democrats and republicans that tightens abortion funding laws. democratic congressman bart stupak sponsored the bill. >> we shouldn't be having public funds to help pay for abortions. >> reporter: that amendment paved the way for democrats and one republican, who represents a largely democratic district in louisiana. in the end it was a numbers game that the democrats narrowly won. the most important equation of the night. was this one. >> the democrats voted for the bill and a republican voted for the bill. that equals bipartisan. >> reporter: the president released a statement last night praising the bill, urging the senate to follow suit. senate majority harry reid said he wil
was underway, as president obama and others mourned and praised those who had died, been wounded, and served at ft. hood. >> we need not look to the past for greatness because it is before our very eyes. >> reporter: and without mentioning his name, the president condemned hasan. >> no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts. no just and loving god looks upon them with favor. >> reporter: hasan has repeatedly cited his muslim faith, as causing conflict with serving in the military. in this 2007 powerpoint presentation to fellow doctors, first reported by "the washington post" hasan said, it's getting harder for muslims to justify being in the army, as it fights wars against fellow muslims. under comments, he wrote, we love death, more than you lo life. >> it's clear he had conflicts about this particular subject. it's clear that he internalized it. he did not know how to resolve it. and he resolved it in a way that is wrong and against islamic law. >> reporter: and there are more questions this morning about the failure to stop the accused shooter. officials tell abc news, and others
. >>> and president obama is in singapore for this year's asia-pacific summit meeting. the president said he wants stronger alliances in asia. and called himself the first pacific president, referring the time he spent in indonesia as a child. >>> and a wall collapsed at a high school football game in south carolina, injuring over a dozen people. some of the students leaning on the cement wall were caught underneath. they were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >>> finally, official confirmation of water, lots of water on the moon. nasa said the october mission picked up gallons of ice. future missions might be able to use lunar ice for an astronaut base camp and to make rocket fuel. that's a first look at the headlines. back to bill and kate. they say they have significant amounts of water. >> the findings more dramatic than the bombing of the moon. >> right. we tried to watch the picture. and it was a -- >> fizzle. >> nasa's happy about it. >>> marysol? >> good morning, everyone. we're keeping an eye on the nor'easter that moves out of the atlantic states. the rain starts t
regional headquarters in peshawar and killing ten people. >>> president obama is in japan this morning, kicking off a four-nation tour of asia. issues on the table include everything from afghanistan, to north korea's nuclear program. our jake tapper is with the president. >> reporter: good morning. or here in japan, good evening. we're 14 hours ahead of you. and president obama spent the night on air force one, touching down here in tokyo. and immediately meeting with the new prime minister, katayama. first on the agenda, thanking japan for a -- the global economy. the u.s. and japan are the world's two largest economies. and north korea and nuclear nonproliferation. that's an emotional issue here. the only country to have ever experienced the devastating affects of a nuclear attack. they are not expected to find common ground on a controversial, new plan for the u.s. to relocate a military base in okinawa. bianna? >> jake tapper, thank you. >>> we're ending the broadcast with a disturbing story. former supermodel cindy crawford and her husband are at the center of a disturbing extort
. >>> now chris cuomo is here with the other headlines including a look ahead to president obama's speech tomorrow. >>> the big speech. good morning, robin, diane, everyone. the president is putting the finishing touches on tomorrow's night speech at west point. after months of contemplating while our fighting men and women tangle with an increasingly formidable foe, the president's now ready to tell americans how he plans to finish the job in afghanistan. for details on what we know to jake tapper at the whiteouse. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, chris. well, president obama just yesterday held more meetings with his national security team to prepare for the rollout of his new strategy in afghanistan and pakistan, the first draft of the speech has been written. many revisions are expected, of course. officials say that the speech will attempt to do the following thing, one, the president said last week he would finish the job in afghanistan. he needs to explain to a war weary american people just what that job is. two, exit strategy. part of sending more than 30,000 new u.
. >> reporter: fousound familiar? it's the same argument that people said this summer. >> when obama says that's not going to happen. stop lying to us. >> that's problematic for democrats. they've been on the defensive through so much of this debate. and here comes another argument. something else to scare people about what's in this bill. >> reporter: administration officials tried to downplay the new screening guide lines. >> do what you've always done. read the task force report. but then, talk to your doctor. >> reporter: but for democrats trying to push through health care reform, the damage may be done. >> it's a difficult time. they're trying to get 60 votes in the senate. so, anything that scares people about what this bill would do. gives another talking point to opponents, it's something they can't afford. >> reporter: democrats say the new screening recommendations are just that. recommendations. and that they won't be part of the health care reform bill. if senate democrats are able to get the votes they need tonight, they'll start official debate of the bill, if not, bill, it coul
michelle obama received the tree. it comes from west virginia, the tree was the winner of a national contest. it will be on display in the blue room of the white house through the holidays. let's get a check of the forecast. >> good morning. it certainly feels like christmas out there, it is chilly out there. the good news is there's lots of sunshine. a live shot from our tower. 41 degrees downtown. very dry air and the winds are up to 43 at reagan. let's give you the big picture, high pressure is building in, that bodes well for the system all those high winds moving up to the gulf of maine. we'll see some wraparound effect for today. our forecast, you'll like it, from 50 to about 55 degrees, cool and breezy but lots of sunshine. but better still, wait until tomorrow after a clear and cold night with temperatures in the 30's, tomorrow, temperatures in the low 60's, mostly sunny and mild out there. a great day for people who are doing the reverse turkey trot, if you will. looks like
's absolutely right, robin. good morning, again, everyone. president obama is considering whether to send more troops to afghanistan. he's asking his council to clarify an exit strategy. his questions of the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan, a former military commander, advised him not to send more troops until the afghan proves it's a credible partner and can fight corruption. >>> we have encouraging news about the foreclosure crisis. foreclosure filings fell in october, dropping 3%. but experts warn, too early to celebrate. they fear rising unemployment could cause another spike in foreclosures soon. >>> boxer mike tyson and a celebrity photographer have been arrested after a scuffle at the los angeles airport. the photographer claims tyson hit him, causing him to fall and cut his forehead. tyson said he acted in self-defense, to protect his daughter. both men are vowing to press charges. >>> and finally, just a wild tale for you. a 17-year-old from the canadian arctic is recovering after an amazing adventure. he's out hunting. a chunk of ice he's on, splits apart. sending him drifting for ove
, shaking hands with president obama. the secret service is concerned and embarrassed that the couple failed to be on the guest list. >>> police in florida are hoping to question tiger woods today. they say alcohol was not a factor in the pre-dawn crash. but there are still many unanswered questions about what exactly did happen. more from abc's todd conner. >> reporter: tiger probably wishes he could have a mulligan on this drive. many questions remain about how the world's best golfer ended up in the rough situation he found himself early friday morning, just outside his florida home. the golf phenom who rarely misses the fairway, somehow couldn't negotiate the roadway in his suv, striking a fire hydrant, and then, hitting a neighbor's tree. >> two officers arrived on the scene. his wife over him, rendering first aid. >> reporter: tiger's wife of five years heard the crash. and used a golf club to break the window and pull him out of the locked vehicle. the initial police report stated serious facial injuries. but the only statement from his publicist was that he was treated and released f
. the white house said that president obama looks forward to a thorough and productive debate on health care reperform. >> the road ahead is a long stretch but we can see the finish line. >> reporter: but many hurdles lie between here and the finish line. a quote significant formidable and never-ending list, one top senate democratic aide says. first come the amendments. moderate democrats said they oppose the public option in the bill which would compete with private insurers and drive down costs. >> let me be perfectly clear, i am opposed to a new government administered health plan. >> reporter: but other democrats have said the bill won't be true reform without the public option. other amendments that could be problematic address whether women receiving government subsidies can buy insurance policies that cover abortion. whether illegal immigrants can use the health insurance exchange and republicans plan on going after thplanned source of funding forcing democrats to make tough votes to keep the bill's proposed tax increases and medicare cuts. >> there is no way that the seniors are not
obama on health care reform and other issues and you can see it tonight on "world news." more tomorrow on "good morning america." >>> now heading over to chris cuomo for the other headlines. >> thank you, diane. good morning, everybody. 1 million baby strollers are being recalled because of a hinge that can sever children's fingers. they are made by maclaren models sold since 1999. hope to learn the model numbers later today. a dozen children had their fingertips am but stated by the hinge and elizabesabeth leamy w have more. >>> overseas two u.s. army pilots have been killed in iraq after making a hard landing this their helicopter north of baghdad. we also had some good news out of iraq. the parliament has forged an historic compromise paving the way for elections in january. u.s. officials say those elections will set the stage for a rapid withdrawal of u.s. troops early next year. >>> the supreme court hears arguments today in a closely watched case. at issue, whether sentencing juveniles to life in prison without parole is cruel and unusual punishment. specifically in nonhomicide
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